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An argument for sprinklers in schools?

Large loss fire at a Roding Primary School, Dagenham

Over 50% of the large primary school in east London has been damaged in fire.

Twelve fire engines attended the fire in the early hours of  September 4th and fought the fire for almost three hours bringing it under control by 07:49.

The school was due to reopen  on Wednesday 5th September following the summer holidays, alternative arrangements will now have to be made to accommodate 378 pupils who have been displaced by the damage to the Hewett Road site.

the UK governments report “Improving attendance at school” (C Taylor 2012;London) states

“There is a clear link between poor attendance at school and lower academic achievement.” 

As sprinklers are a proven method of suppressing and extinguishing fire, and given that loss of education, there is a strong case for future proofing education by emitting sprinklers in schools to avoid a reoccurrence of this type of disruption and loss.

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