Fire strategies in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Bridgend and South Wales

The Fire Practice provides bespoke fire safety strategies for companies and organisations across Wales and beyond.  The Fire Practice provides advice on evacuation methods, disabled persons evacuation strategies, fire emergency evacuation plans, fire alarms and extinguishers deployment, fire sprinklers, fire doors and all aspects of fire safety.

Creating a successful fire strategy

Fire strategies should be tailored to each individual building. Typically they will cover:

  • Fire evacuation routes

  • Fire exits

  • Fire alarms

  • Emergency lighting.

  • Fire fighting equipment.

  • Fire rating of walls, doors, floors and structure.

  • External fire spread issues.

  • Fire brigade access and facilities

The fire strategy will also include details of any fire engineering that had been used, such as smoke modelling, evacuation modelling, structural fire engineering or radiation analyses.

Planning applications and fire strategies

Developing a fire strategy when applying for planning applications for new homes or conversion of existing buildings into homes in remote areas is essential. Planning applications can and do often get rejected due to fire service access requirements. Identifying these issues early on in the planning process can save a lot of time and money.