Fire retardant sprays and gels in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Swansea and South Wales

Many applications can be effectively Fire Retarded with sprays and gels. These can be used for interior and exterior woods, structural steel column, Fabrics (Synthetic and Natural) Open and closed cell Foam, Pressure Treated Wood, Formica and all types of fabrics for use in office buildings, nursing homes, apartment, hotels and resorts, restaurants etc. where such fire protection products can save lives and invaluable assets.

The purpose of these products is to render materials virutally non-flammable. One of the keys is to make a chemical change in the material. When this change occurs, it renders the material non-combustible. Fire retardants provide excellent protection when applied correctly.

If you are considering using a fire retardant spray or gel and require advice please contact us today.