Fire awareness training in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil, Aberdare, Bridgend and South Wales.

Sadly the impact of a fire can be devastating. In the workplace a fire can result in lost lives, injuries, property loss and damage. For a business it can result in lack of continuity and even closure with the resulting loss of jobs.

Fire safety in the workplace is dictated by health and safety legislation where employers have a duty to put in place policies and procedures and ensure their employees receive appropriate training. The Fire Practice provides bespoke training courses for companies to ensure that all staff have the appropriate level of fire awareness training for your business.

Who is a fire awareness training course applicable to?

All Staff  require training to the level of their responsibilities.

What are the objectives of fire awareness training courses?

For staff to know how to reduce fire risks, deal with fires if appropriate and escape safely in the event of fire

Typical course content

  • Causes of fire

  • Fire behaviour

  • Fire prevention

  • What to do if a fire breaks out

  • How to use fire extinguishers

  • Emergency evacuation procedures

The benefits of fire awareness training

The Fire Safety Order requires that fire safety training is provided to staff when they commence employment and that refresher training is provided on a regular basis.

Fire is often the biggest safety risk any businesses ever has. Without fire safety training your insurances may not be valid and your staff are left vulnerable.

Protect your staff now and give them the best chance of escape if a fire does happen.

Fire Safety Training is not only a legal requirement, it also saves lives and protects businesses.